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Billings "Un-auguration" gathers resistance to Trump Administration

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People gathered in Billings Friday to demonstrate a resistance to the Trump Administration.

Showing Up For Racial Justice, or SURJ, hosted the "Un-auguration," a two-part event beginning at the Good Earth Market.

Sonia Davis, co-founder of the Billings chapter of SURJ, said the goal was calling people in, not calling people out.

"We're gonna help people realize that racial injustice is everyone's concern," Davis said.

SURJ was just one of many local organizations present Tuesday. Other groups represented include, but are not limited to, the Billings Standing Rock Alliance, Northern Plains Resource Council, Big Sky Rising, Keep It In The Ground, Not In Our Town and the City of Billings Humans Relations Commission.

 "I have no illusions that our group here in any way is going to halt or stop the Trump Administration, but we can make his job a little harder," Davis said. "We're here to resist any actions that would impede on the rights and justice for other peoples."

Everyone present was invited to take the microphone, share which local group they represented, their concerns, projects, and hope for the future. Davis encouraged everyone to mingle, network, and show support for one another, thus building a community of resistance to racial injustice.

"This is what democracy looks like," Davis told the crowd.

The second part of the "un-auguration" event included local performers and entertainment at The Railway.

Davis said the gathering represents many groups and people of Billings working towards the same goal, and together against an administration they worry will not represent justice for all.

More on SURJ and their efforts can be found on the SURJ Billings Facebook page.

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