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Bill would change bike laws on non-shoulder roads

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A bill that will soon face Montana lawmakers would "prohibit certain travel along highways where no paved shoulder is provided."

The bill specifically restricts travel on shoulder-less roads for pedestrians, non-motorized vehicles, wheelchairs, and bicycles.

Essentially, unless you are in a car or other motorized vehicle, you would no longer be able to travel on roads or highways with no shoulder.

KULR-8 reached out to representative Barry Usher, who drafted the bill. We're waiting for his response, but his Facebook page says the bill is intended to help with bicycle safety.

Kristi Drake with Billings TrailNet says although safety is an important topic, there have not been many issues on these types of roads in the past.

"So in 2015, crashes on rural roads involving bicyclists there were 24 of them," Drake said. "There were zero fatalities and there were three serious injuries. In the whole state of Montana in 2015."

Dean Cromwell from the Spoke Shop says, if the issue is pedestrian and cyclist safety, there are other ways we can protect people without restricting them from certain roads.

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