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A look inside inauguration security preparations

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Thousands of people are expected to attend Friday's presidential inauguration. Can you imagine? As many as 400,000 protesters, representing dozens of organizations, have been granted permits, that according to the National Park Service. 

Thousands of law enforcement, along with military personnel are charged with keeping the peace. In fact, 28,000 personnel will conduct searches in a layered fashion.

We were taking a look at a map given to us by the United States Secret Service. It's a map of the security perimeter in downtown Washington, D.C. for this event. We did some calculations, and we're considering that it's probably three times the size of downtown Billings.

Montana U.S. Senator Steve Daines says it goes with the territory.

"Anytime you go to work in the city, we all, those of us who have the privilege to work here, recognize that we are a target," Sen. Daines said. "It's a Ground Zero for the world in many ways."

Eventually, within a one-block radius, Washington will be transformed into a virtual fortress. The cost: hundreds of millions of dollars. It may be a peaceful transfer of power, but a mighty power behind it is making it happen.

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