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Colstrip Mayor: Early plant closure warning "unviable threat" aimed at lawmakers

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Colstrip is home to one of the largest coal plants in the country, and an industry the Montana community survives on. The town's Mayor, John Williams, said an announcement from Puget Sound Energy outlining plans to retire two of the plant's four generating units earlier than expected is an 'unviable threat' aimed towards Montana lawmakers.

"They are making some type of threat against our legislature, that if they impose the proposed energy tax that they would close them at an earlier time frame," Williams said.

The agreement between Puget Sound Energy and environmentalists last year required partial closure of Colstrip's plant by July 2022. In documents released Tuesday, two of the plant's four units could be shut down as early as next year.

"There are bills being proposed to hold Puget Sound accountable and protect Colstrip," Williams said.

According to Associated Press, Puget Sound suggests an early closure could be prompted by the proposed wholesale energy tax increase in Montana. Williams said this proposal is among bills aiming to help the community.

"It's disappointing, but it doesn't surprise me," Williams said. "This (decision) is indicative of the attitude Puget Sound has towards our Montana community."

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