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Ambassador Max Baucus says goodbye to China

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 As Donald Trump prepares to take office and cabinet members are confirmed, there are other positions around the world affected by the Presidential transition.

One Montanan will no longer serve as Ambassador to China.

For the last two years, Max Baucus and his wife, Melodee, have served our country in China.  With the Trump transition, Baucus will no longer serve as ambassador.

In a YouTube video, the couple gave a farewell address wishing their friends and business partners in China a Happy Year of the Rooster.

The Baucus' know it's a happy time for people in China with the new year, as many head home to celebrate. The couple says it's not easy for them to leave because they've made so many good friends and talked with people across the country.

 "You know, there is much more that unites our two countries than divide us. I am particularly inspired by our ability to work together to overcome some pretty big issues. Climate change, for example, I'm so proud of our two countries to put that climate change agreement together," he said.

Baucus says travel and tourism have increased as well and is proud of the overall global public health, and the fight against Ebola around the world.

He says the future is looking pretty bright.

"Our relationship is one that is going to shape the 21st Century and I can't wait to see what we can accomplish next, there's such potential," Baucus said.

The Baucus' say they certainly will be back to visit China and their friends.

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