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Couple's quest for a kidney going viral

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Suamico, WI -
A couple's creative approach to find a kidney donor is going viral.
Cathy Strom has struggled with kidney issues since she was 10-years-old.
A year ago, she was forced to go on home dialysis.
Rather than waiting for a miracle, Cathy's husband Paul decided to be proactive. 
Now the family’s vehicles have stickers on the back, actively asking their community to help by being a kidney donor.
The message includes Cathy's blood type and the family's phone number.
We put a call into Cathy and Paul to see how their search is going. They tell KULR-8 that they have been overwhelmed with calls from around the country.
The couple says that they are regularly asked if they will pay the expenses to bring a donor to Wisconsin, that’s something they say they cannot afford. 
They’ve also been asked if they will pay for a kidney, that’s against the law.
So far, the couple has not found a positive match, but they believe it's just a matter of time.
Meanwhile, they take comfort that their story is helping to get more people interested in being organ donors.
You can learn about organ donation by clicking here.
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