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Security & safety at local businesses

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We spent some time at Fuddruckers on Sunday to talk with them about their security procedures in wake of local businesses being targeted by thieves. According to one of the assistant managers we spoke with, Dwayne Hopkins, say they've been a target for criminals in the past. Hopkins tells us their first priority at Fuddruckers is the safety of all of their employees.

Hopkins says employees have been trained to handle criminal situations and they take measures to protect themselves and fellow co-workers. Hopkins says the last thing he wants is for anyone on the staff to get hurt.

Fuddruckers has a security system including motion sensors. The motion sensors were installed after someone broke through the front door and tried to steal their ATM machine.

If someone tries to rob the business you work at, Sgt. Nate West with the Billings Police Department says be cooperative and be the best witness you can, don't be a vigilante. Sgt. West says the more details you can remember, the better they'll be able to track down the suspect.

We also reached out to Rimrock Mall. Daron Olson, who's the Marketing Director at the mall, says although the details of their security plans are not publicized, security teams are on-site 24 hours a day and as needed they implement additional safety and response measures, some of which are visible, while others are behind the scenes.

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