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Suspected theft hits local business hard

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Robert Bryant, Owner of RCB Contracting, recently moved here from Washington.

The new Billings business owner was renovating, former Valet Today, in the 2800 block, into a new Domino's Pizza.

Bryant was working on the project, but early Friday morning, his future took a punch in the stomach. He showed up to work to pick up some of his tools, but there were no tools to be had. It seems they were stolen, as Bryant said he noticed the back door was wide open.

Some of the items missing were specialty tools he bought or made over the years, enough to do the job from start to finish. The police report estimated the value at $20,000.

Bryant said, “It really hits hard, when you take that kind of hit and it takes multiple jobs to even make that kind of profit.”

He also said his stolen tools were not insured, so he had to purchase a few thousand dollars worth of new tools today, out of his own pocket. Even so, he said the setback will likely put him behind schedule, not only on this project, but a few more he's set to work on.

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