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Billings Free Shuttles driver hit by uninsured driver

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A man who gives free rides to help reduce the number of drunk drivers has hit some bumpy roads. Two of his business vehicles are in the shop with thousands of dollars worth of damage.

While out on the roads, making sure people were getting home safely, Justin Huckaby's vehicle was struck by an uninsured driver. With Huckaby's and his partner's car in the shop, and with $10,000 worth of damages combined, Huckaby says he is worried about having to close Billings Free Shuttles.

Huckaby couldn't say how the crash happened because it is under investigation, but what he could say was the light was green, a guy was turning left, and went too fast, sliding into him.

He's currently driving a rental, and his partner is driving a diesel truck, costing a lot of money in gas. He says the biggest hit to Billings Free Shuttles is the loss in wages. He says they're spending more than they can make.

Usually the half the money goes back to them for gas and to his charity, but nothing is going to the charity, currently.

"You don't realize when you don't have insurance on your vehicle how many issues you can cost somebody else. My insurance premium is going to go up because of this, I mean my insurance company is personally going to go after the guy," he said.

No one was seriously injured in the accident. Huckaby says his partner should have his regular car back next week. He was hit by a deer. Huckaby says it'll be at least a month until he gets his vehicle back.

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