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Snow-covered fire hydrants causing issues for firefighters

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When a fire breaks out, seconds matter. And with several feet of snow covering some neighborhoods, firefighters are losing precious time digging out snow-covered hydrants.

There are over 4,400 fire hydrants in Billings and almost 300 in Lockwood. Numerous hydrants are buried beneath the snow, especially the hydrants on the corners, as they've been buried by snow plows pushing the snow to the side.

These buried hydrants are causing some issues for firefighters.

"We have a map book. We know where all the fire hydrants are, but when we arrive on scene, and it's covered in snow we're just going to be delayed actually getting water to the fire," Jaime Fender, Deputy Fire Marshal said.

BFD is asking for the public's help. If there's a buried hydrant in your area, please dig it out.

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