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Personal look at the change of power

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As the country said their goodbyes to President Obama last night at his farewell address.

This morning we continue to welcome President-Elect Donald Trump as our countries next leader. This was Trump's first speech in nearly six months.

Last night in Chicago, thousands gathered to say goodbye to President Obama and tears were shed.

Like many, Demarquis McIntyre waited hours to get his farewell address ticket and waited several more hours just to see him. Since the age of 16, McIntyre says Obama has been his role model.

McIntyre left work early Tuesday night to make his way to the city's South Side,  so he could share his gratitude and wanted to be one of the thousands screaming "Obama" at the top of his lungs.

He was there two hours before the doors opened, but he says he made many new friends last night making the wait even more worthwhile. 

As the President was concluding his speech, McIntyre says tears streamed down the faces of almost everyone around him, as Obama's time in the White House was coming to an end.

"I know there was people hugging through this whole process. We had been together as a crowd. We were all making new friends with people and they were strangers hugging strangers and just trying to comfort each other so you know it was a lot of mixed emotion. Definitely very happy, we're very grateful for the 8-years and everything that he did for this country, but a lot of sorrow," he said.

Also trending on social media, #TrumpPressConference. People are reacting to this mornings news conference, the first in six months, from President-Elect Donald Trump.

One woman says she dislikes how democrats accuse trump of what Bill Clinton did. On Facebook, one person says trump does everything with style.

McIntyre says even with the change of power from one party to the next, it's important we all come together, regardless of our differences.

"We can all put our differences aside and see what the common goal because the common goal is just to make things better and to move forward, and keep on progressing and if we can all just know that's what we're all fighting for, and then find a way to come together put our differences aside, the skies the limit," McIntyre said.

Next week, for President-Elect Donald Trump's inauguration, our Greg LaMotte will be in the nation's capital covering the event. Make sure you tune in on our social media to see the inauguration

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