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Managing your stress and anger

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This afternoon, social worker Margaret English speaks to the Billings League of Women Voters about the spike of inmates in prisons. She tried to shed some light on how she gets people ready to return to society, with anger management courses.

If you're working on controlling your anger as a part of your New Year Resolution we have some helpful tips.

Social media and driving in traffic are just some of the common every day stresses that can make your blood boil. Social worker Margaret English says people need to start making choices that contribute to less frustration and anger.

When stuck in the middle of rush hour, she says if possible, use public transportation or plan an alternative route. With social media, she says if you don't like someone's political posts or statuses, it's as easy as unfriending them.

A lot of people use the gym or other hobbies as a way to relieve stress, and fitness experts say it can, but English says it's overrated and sometimes that can actually promote violence.

"Sometimes when you remove yourself from the situation it gives other people time to recognize that maybe their behavior is not appropriate too," she said.

Something ironic i learned, she says for parents getting frustrated, she encourages the adult to take a time out and cool off.

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