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Miles City residents now charged fees for certain emergency services

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Recently, a new program in Miles City is charging residents for certain emergency service calls.

The program started in Miles City just a few weeks ago. People's insurance companies are now being charged when emergency services respond to motor vehicle crashes and chemical spills.

KULR-8 spoke with Miles City Fire Department Chief Gary Warren. He says the fee is for cost recovery and they aren't trying to make a lot of money.

Today, on Miles City Fire and Rescue website, is a question and answer press release to resolve any confusion over the fee. Some of the points cover the fact you won't be billed the fee, your insurance will be, and costs vary.

Also, if you're in a car accident, the insurance of the person who caused the crash will be billed.

"We have a pretty tight budget city-wide, and we're just trying to generate some revenue without having to raise taxes or our equipment is aging needs a lot of repair. In some cases, needs to be replaced," he said.

to learn more about the service fee or if you have further questions, go to kulr-8-dot-com where there will be a link for you to check out the Q&A.

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