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Foundation promises $10 donation per minute of Whitefish march

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A national organization that fights anti-Semitism is starting an effort that will use the "March on Whitefish against Jews" - - to raise money against anti-Semitism.

The Justus and Karin Rosenberg Foundation out of New York is starting what it's calling a "Lemonade Campaign" - - making lemonade from lemons.

The effort stems from part-time Whitefish resident Richard Spencer, who in November inspired Nazi salutes at a conference in Washington, DC.

A controversy ensued between Spencer's mother in Whitefish, and leaders in the Whitefish Jewish community.

The Daily Stormer website then threatened an armed march against Jews down the streets of Whitefish.

So, the Justus and Karin Rosenberg Foundation is encouraging people to "donate an amount for every minute this radical group of white supremacists march.

“The money raised would be used for things the racists detest: increased security for Jews and Jewish institutions, new programs to promote human rights and defeat hatred, educational events about the danger of white supremacy and institutional racism," among other things.

We spoke this evening via Facetime with the executive director of the foundation.

"They may have their free speech rights, but it's not free anymore, says Kenneth Stern, executive director of the Justus and Karin Rosenberg Foundation.  “And what happens is, if they decide to go through with it, it actually helps build structures in the community.  It also gives people something positive they can do to feel they are countering hatred."

The money will go to the Montana Human Rights Foundation to administer the funds.

The Justus and Karin Rosenberg Foundation is seeding the campaign with a $10 donation per minute of the march, up to $2,500, depending upon the length of the march.

We reached-out to the organizer of the march for comment, but have not heard back.

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