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The issues on fighting fires in cold

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This morning, firefighters weren't only battling the fire, but the bitter cold too.

Even with it being well below zero this morning, at the time of the fire, firefighters still managed to put out the flames at JR's Repair.

When dealing with brutal weather like we have right now, Billings Fire Chief Paul Dextras has a fire safety message for everyone using candles and heaters. Use a lot of caution and be smart.

Dextras says early this morning, you could see steam everywhere from when the fire was being hit with water in the bone- chilling cold.

He says there were safety concerns for the firefighters. But they did a great job putting it out, regardless of the elements.

"It's not only treacherous fighting the fire and stuff but the whole environment now flooring master streams and stuff we have a significant amount of water and ice down here so tell the firefighters to be real careful so no one gets hurt," he said.

Dextras says to make sure your smoke detectors are in good working order. If not, call the fire department and they will make sure they are working.

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