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Snow drifts leave Laurel family stuck

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Not a flake fell on Laurel Wednesday, but one family found themselves snowed-in regardless.
Michelle Riddle tells KULR-8 that fierce winds shifted snow drifts more than two feet deep and locked her family in place.
Riddle says her daughter, who is nine months pregnant, was trying to get out of the drive Wednesday morning, but the drifts were too much for her Subaru.
As night fell the car was still sitting where it got stuck in the driveway.
Riddle says her four wheel drive Jeep is even struggling.
"We're stuck! We're just going to go and enjoy each other. That's about it. Stay warm. I took the Jeep out so the only thing left is her car, but it looks pretty stuck."
Riddle says she's lived on the street for four years, but has never seen anything like the conditions plaguing her street this time.
The good news is she has reinforcements coming Thursday to help dig her daughters car out.
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