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From Billings to Rio: Olympic gold medalist Cody Miller shares swimming journey

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Four months ago, our country was abuzz with the success of the Team USA Swim Team at the 2016 Rio Olympics. What made this year's Olympics so special for Montanans, however, was watching one of our own, Billings native Cody Miller, bring home the gold.

On Friday, Miller met with young swimmers at the Billings YMCA to share his journey in swimming. The first bit of advice the Olympian offered came from another familiar Team USA swimmer: Michael Phelps.

"The first time I met Michael...I guess it was about ten years ago now," Miller said. "I asked him all kinds of  crazy questions, like I know you guys want to ask me, but the biggest questions I asked him was: 'why are you so great? What did you do? What can you tell me?' He said: 'Amongst all of the things, you have to really, really work hard. I know that sounds simple, but that's the truth.'"

Since winning gold and setting a new Olympic record in the 4x100 medley relay, Miller said he is still adjusting to life back in America.

"It's drastically different," Miller said. "I'm training part time right now. I just started back about a month ago. I actually got back from World Championships in Windsor about a week ago, and I came home with two medals."

Now, Miller said he plans to take a couple months off.

"Come January, i'm going to start training full time for the long course World Championships," Miller added.

When asked if he planed to be a part of the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Miller said he still has four years to make that decision.

"It's just like anything else, you take it one year at a time, one season at a time."

Miller said as long as his passion for swimming remains, he'll continue to hit the pool.

"As long as i'm still loving it, I'll keep doing it. You can probably watch for me in Tokyo."

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