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Local family delivers stockings to the homeless

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Last week we took you behind the scenes of the Montana Rescue Mission as they worked to get the homeless off the street and into warm shelters. At times people refused their help, but were given some supplies to get through cold nights. Thanks to a Facebook tip, KULR-8 learned there's a family in Billings who makes it their mission each year to do something similar.

Brandi Garcia and her family put together stockings of supplies, then hit the streets to show men and women who need help that there are those who care. Garcia said it's important to her that her children participate in this annual tradition.

"You just see these people. You don't know their story. Also to show my kids that no matter where you come from, no matter how much money you make, you just try to give back to the community," Brandi Garcia said.

Garcia said she doesn't always find someone in need. On those nights, she delivers the stockings to the Montana Rescue Mission.

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