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Stores are filled with last minute Christmas shoppers

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Last minute Christmas shopping is a tradition for families, and surprisingly it is for many.

"Actually I'm horrible because I love to tell people what I get them so I get it to them last minute so then I don't ruin the surprise. I only have to hold it for two days," Megan Hager said.

This sister trio makes a girls day out of Christmas Eve, Eve shopping.

"You have to survive this shopping trip somehow and you have to do it with family I guess," Kelsey Steffan said. 

"So there's usually a lot of coffee, we go get food, before we usually go see Santa as well," Callie Steffan said.

The sisters say mom needs a picture of them every year with Santa. And you may have noticed their festive attire.

"Mom sweaters are the theme this year," Hager said.

It never fails, every year Tom Stusek shops for his wife last minute.

 "Tradition, you know I'm so busy, there's so much going on, I usually run out last minute," Stusek said.

Even though he's not sure what to get the Mrs., he says with shopping last minute there's no decisions you just grab and go.

"My family has everything, probably everything they ever need or wanted so it takes me awhile to figure out what to buy for people," he said.

Stusek says he knows his wife will love his last minute gift.

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