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Winter Car Seat safety tips

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You may dress your kids warm to protect them from the cold, but puffy jackets could do just the opposite if worn in a car seat. When strapping your kid in wearing heavy winter jackets, you may think your kid is secured and the harness is snug...

"But they're not as tight and that padding will compress in the event of an accident and those children will move behind those harnesses and that can cause injury," Koren Bloom with Safe Kids of Yellowstone County said.

The safest way to buckle your kiddo up is without a jacket.

"You will want to make sure these are nice and snug and that you can't pinch any of the material," Bloom said. "You would like the retainer clip at armpit level so that it helps hold them in tight and holds them in place. If you have the retainer clip down to far -- what you'll see is all this extra room for the body to move forward."

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