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Giant delivery for students at McKinley Elementary School

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An oversized delivery Tuesday for McKinley Elementary School.

It took up the entire bed of a pickup truck and several people to carry it in inside the school.

A giant stuffed animal teddy bear was donated to the school thanks to someone who donated to the organization Blankets and Bears.

Along with the bear, 284 bundles of warm blankets and stuffed animals were given to students at the school.

Sandy McCaffree says she started Blankets and Bears to provide something extra to go along with the toys donated during the holidays. McCaffree says,"So when you put all of those great gifts together throughout our community these children are very well loved."

Carolyn Yegen, the school's counselor, says the kids were thrilled. She says, "It means a lot to everyone, who wouldn't enjoy a nice warm fluffy blanket and a nice warm stuffed animal so it's a great thing, it's a wonderful thing for them to do for us."

Yegen says the bear will go into the school library and they'll hold a contest when the kids get back from the holidays to name the bear.

McCaffree says when she started Blanket and Bears in 2005 they gave away seven bundles, this year they're giving away 850 bundles.

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