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Winter weather forces a local business to close

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It's probably safe to say that snow plow businesses are doing exceptionally well after this snow storm.

For ZooMontana this weekend was supposed to be one of their biggest weekends for revenue with their Annual Zoo Lights. But the heavy winter conditions forced the zoo to put the event on hold.

There's snow doubt about it, that this is a huge bummer.

 ZooMontana Director Jeff Ewelt stopped by the KULR-8 studio earlier and says closing the zoo this weekend was a huge ordeal. Ewelt knows the closure is a big disappointment to families.

The zoo lights freeze will be melted away and be back up and open to the public again Monday through Christmas Eve from 6-9 p.m. So you can still see the light show.

"For the safety of our employees and the safety of our volunteers that are out there doing traffic control with this wind that's coming  and these sub zero temperatures, it's just simply not safe to keep them outside," he said.

Ewelt says most of the animals enjoy this colder, winter weather so they're out enjoying themselves. Except the beavers, he says the beavers are inside.

But I just want to mention, just another example as to how giving this community is, Ewelt says the zoo has received many donations from the community. He says the generosity will help offset some of the lost revenue.

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