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Senior meal delivery service canceled due to weather

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Drivers aren't the only ones affected by the snow. We have some heartbreaking news tonight.

Hundreds of seniors across Yellowstone County are without meals today.

 It's been nearly 40-years since the Adult Resource Alliance canceled the Meals On Wheels program, due to bad weather. So you can imagine how difficult this decision was.

Not only did they cancel meal deliveries, but today was also the program's Annual Christmas Party.

For the safety of Adult Resource Alliance's volunteers, BeAnn Melichar says they decided to cancel Meals On Wheels today across Yellowstone County.

In Billings alone, more than 200 people depend on volunteers to deliver their meals. Melichar says not all of their volunteers have SUV's and seniors may not have sidewalks or stairs shoveled.

She adds: they are still taking care of a few people who have no way of getting food.

"Everybody else was like, no you know we're OK, we'll be fine, we'll just stay home and just snuggle in. We've got enough to last us until Monday," she said.

The Christmas Party food was prepared for 1,000 people.

Melichar says it's sitting in fridges and they'll decide Monday if and when the party will be rescheduled.

To everyone at home, she really encourages helping seniors in the neighborhood, whether that's shoveling their walks, bringing in their mail or taking food to them.

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