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Latest school closures, activity cancellations and alternative bus routes

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School is canceled for Friday, December 16, for the following schools:

  • Billings Public Schools
  • Big Timber Schools (including high school)
  • Billings Catholic Schools and Daycare
  • Billings Christian Schools
  • Blue Creek School
  • Broadview Schools
  • Canyon Creek School
  • Cody Public Schools (Park County 6)
  • Colstrip Public Schools
  • Elder Grove School
  • Elysian School
  • Grace Montessori Academy
  • Hardin Public Schools
  • Harlowton (K-12)
  • Huntley Project Schools
  • Independent School
  • Lame Deer School
  • Laurel Public Schools
  • Lavina Public Schools
  • Lockwood Schools
  • Lodge Grass Preschool
  • Melstone Public Schools
  • Northern Cheyenne Head Start
  • Northern Cheyenne Tribal Schools
  • Park City Schools
  • Pioneer Elementary School in Billings 
  • Pretty Eagle Catholic Academy
  • Rapelje School District #32
  • Reed Point School District
  • Salish Kootenai College
  • Shepherd Schools
  • St. Charles Mission School
  • St. Labre Catholic School
  • Sweet Grass County (K-12)
  • Trinity Lutheran School and Daycare
  • Wyola Schools


Billings Public Schools has canceled extracurricular activities for Thursday, December 15; Friday, December 16; and Saturday, December 17, 2016. Cancellations include:

  • All music programs, including those at West High, Senior High, and Castle Rock Middle School
  • All middle school basketball tryouts
  • All sporting events


According to Billings Public Schools, alternate bus routes will be used this afternoon for the following areas.

  • Rehberg Ranch – All bus stops in Rehberg Ranch will be moved to the following alternate bus stop: Rifle Creek Trail at Iron Horse Trail
  • Yellowstone Country Club/Augusta Ranch – All bus stops in Yellowstone Country Club and Augusta Ranch (including Sam Snead Trail) can use either of the following alternate bus stops: 54th Street West at Rimrock Road OR Molt Road at Masters Blvd.
  • Hidden Lake Subdivision, including Lorraine St. and all side streets that feed into Lorraine St., will use the following alternate bus stop: Hwy 87 N. at Lorraine St.
  • Becraft Lane/Noblewood Dr. (Lockwood) – All bus stops located south of Old Hardin Road between Becraft Lane and Noblewood Drive will have the following alternate bus stop: Becraft Lane at Enfield Dr.
  • Ronan buses will run two hours late.
  • East Helena Public Schools says buses may be delayed picking up students this morning due to road conditions. If your family has a later stop on the bus route, your pick-up time could be significantly later.


  • All schools in Polson are running two hours late.
  • Charlo School District 7J will have a delayed start Friday.

Please contact your child's school for more information.

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