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Search temporarily suspended in Stillwater County for person believed to have fallen into river

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UPDATE: The Stillwater County Sheriff's Office states the search for the person is temporarily suspended.

In a news release, the sheriff's office states extensive efforts have been made to find the person.

They say the worsening weather prevents dive teams from entering the water. They plan to continue the search when conditions improve.

A news release states they have identified the person, but are withholding the name at the request of the family.

Search crews in Stillwater County are looking for a person believed to have fallen into the Yellowstone River earlier this week.

Stillwater County Sheriff's Office representatives say an attendant at the Itch-Kep-Pe state park near Columbus found a bicycle near the river Tuesday and reported it.

They say tracks were found going to an ice shelf, but not leaving it. People reported hearing a yell Monday night.

Stillwater County Search and Rescue was called out shortly after noon on Tuesday.

The sheriff's office says multiple search dogs have shown interest in an area below the ice, but it's not safe for divers to go in the water.

They will continue to drill and use underwater cameras until it gets too dark and may resume the search on Thursday.

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