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Couple helped by Salvation Army gives back

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A couple that recently moved back to Billings got some help getting back on their feet. And now this holiday season, they're returning the favor.

Through good times and bad, the Middleton's have been by each others side through it all. Rather than a hand out, the Salvation Army has given them a hand up.

By helping get them on their feet after moving back to the Magic City.

 "Came into town and we didn't really have much to start with," Bryan Middleton said.

It's been about 15-years since Bryan lived in Billings. But him and his wife, Jessie, are back in the city they call home.

"We do everything together. We've worked together. We've done hard work together, roofing together, all sorts of things. He does get on my nerves every now and then. For the most part, I want him there every day he's my comfort," Jessie said.

With the help of the Salvation Army, they're getting settled.

"They've helped us a little bit with finding a place to stay helping with a little bit of rent money," Bryan said.

The couple's job this winter, bell ringing. They're helping collect donations to make sure other families in need are provided with help like they were.

"It feels really good to give back when someone's helped you to give back to them. It's a real good feeling," he said.

Now that's relationship goals.

Major Trish Simeroth with the Salvation Army says the red kettle donations do help people in need of housing, food and utilities. So every penny, goes back into the community. 

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