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Crow Nation Inaugural Ceremonies

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Crow Nation held their inauguration ceremonies this Monday, swearing-in four members into the executive branch.

For anyone who has ever been to Crow Agency and has spoken with the Crow Nation, you immediately get that sense of respect and tradition. Monday’s ceremony was all that and more, and everyone appeared to be filled with joy welcoming the 2016 Crow Nation Executive Branch.

Sworn in was Chairman Alvin Not Afraid, Jr., Vice-Chairman Carlson Goes Ahead, Secretary Rudolph Knute Old Crow, and Vice-Secretary Shawn E. Backbone.

“At this time I'm still trying to grasp or accept the honor of being titled the Chairman, most humbly, most humbly,” said Chairman Not Afraid, Jr.

He said some of the things he wants to work on is community development and education for children. With community development he wants to lay a foundation for communities to evolve on their own. The Chairman believes their government poses as a centralized government, meaning they have a limited amount of activity with the outer communities, something he wants to change.

He said when it comes to education the executive branch takes it very seriously. “Right now we are reforming our education department and cabinet, and in there we're going to have this tracking system to track the kids from birth to college graduated.” This plan will enable them to collect statistical information for future generations and at the same time help students who struggle with obstacles and barriers that may come their way.

He said overall his first year as Chairman is gonna be pretty tough, but he's ready to take on the challenge and find solutions.

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