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Social media helps find family's special needs bus

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A family's special needs bus is stolen right out of their driveway!

Gary Mathis says the bus was purchased to help his parents get around easier.

Thanks to the power of social media, the bus is with the Mathis family tonight. Unfortunately, some of the items on the bus, did not make it back.

"I felt very abused. I felt nobody cares about what other people feel," Richard Mathis said.

That was the Feeling earlier this week when the family first realized their lifeline to mobility had been taken from them.

"We have to have that and the capabilities that the bus gave us was really wonderful. It's an old bus, but man does it ever do the job," Sandy Mathis said.

Richard contacted police, then he turned to social media. A "missing" ad to help find their vehicle was shared hundreds of times.

Their story was seen as far away as Tennessee.  But while the social support warms the heart, the theft itself is hard to understand.

"I would never in the world steal anything anyhow and definitely because I am handicap, if you're a handicap person id go out of my way to help them not take from them. Their life is already on the backwards side," he said.

After days of wondering if their special little bus would find its way back, a call finally came in.

"We found it in Rose Park and there it sat and we were really excited to find it because it is our life," Richard said.

The family is saying the heroes are the ones who shared the Facebook post to help find it. But everything inside was not recovered, missing items valued at thousands of dollars are gone including batteries, chargers, and components that operate the wheel chair lift.

"I haven't gone anywhere," he adds.

The family is hoping that insurance will help replace those lost items.

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