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What do potential budget cuts mean for MHP?

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Earlier this week we told you about governor Steve Bullock's proposed $7.7 million budget cut to Montana Highway Patrol. Although the budget is only a proposal, if it passes and the cuts go into effect, Montana Highway Patrol could see a continued shortage of troopers.

Captain Keith Edgell with Highway Patrol said they already have a shortage of troopers in yellowstone county.

"We've been actually running probably for the last 5 or 6 months almost 8 to 9 officers down in the billings area alone," Edgell said.

Captain Edgell says MHP picked up 4 new officers mid-November and they're looking to get an additional three troopers when they graduate from the academy.

He says they also brought in troopers from all over the state.

"But it's still gonna leave us down 4 to 5 by thew time i'ts all said and done," Edgell said.

Even with the shortage, Montana highway patrol works closely with local law enforcement.

"Most of our stuff occurs in the county so we rely heavily on the sheriff's department for assistance," Edgell said. "They're usually out here helping us with crashes and those type of events and we try to help them out where we can as well."

Edgell said as Billings continues to grow, there has been a gradual increase for calls for service in the area.

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