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United Airlines to limit carry-ons

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Customers may not be too happy with the changes coming to United Airlines starting next year.

According United Airlines website, they're launching a new economy fare next year with restrictions on carry-on bags.

So, what's considered a carry-on? United Airlines lists those as a laptop bag, shoulder bag, or backpack. The airline said they're prohibiting carry-on bags that only fit in overhead bins.

Fortune.com spoke with Bob Mann, an Airline Industry Analyst, who said this change appears to be the most restrictive yet, for a 'basic economy' fare product.

KULR-8 went to the Billings Logan International Airport to see what some travelers thought about the change:

“I think only allowing people to carry one bag on is going to put a lot of restraints on women and what they can do," said one traveler.

Another traveler added, “I think it's bologna. We pay enough to fly and we do need the things that we take and we take just the bare minimum to start with.”

United said carry-on changes will be effective for their basic economy fare starting in January for flights departing in the spring.

Something else to keep in mind, United also said customers who buy its cheapest fares will not be assigned seats until the day of departure and will board in the last boarding group called.

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