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Montana Farm Bureau Federation holds annual convention in Billings

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The Montana Farm Bureau Federation 97th Annual Convention started Sunday. To kick off the convention, ranchers set up a display at the Albertsons on Grand to tell you where your food comes from.

Ranchers had booths set up in the meat, produce, and wheat sections of Albertsons and welcomed customers to ask them any questions about the food they're consuming. The ranchers say one of the most common questions they get is what's considered organic and what isn't.

"I think it's important that consumers get to talk to the people producing their food. There are questions that people have and the best place to get answers is from individuals who raised their products," Gil Gasper, with the Montana Farm Bureau Federation, said. "We know what we are raising and what we are growing because we are producing it for our families, and I think getting the information from the source is extremely important."

The convention ends Wednesday.

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