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Local business deals with backlash from Facebook posts

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President-elect Donald Trump isn't the only one who's faced criticism for his use of social media this election season.

A downtown business that hasn't even opened its doors to the public is facing backlash. Some members of the community are threatening to boycott the new coffee shop because they say the co-owner's remarks online were racist and sexist.

A communications professor at MSUB warns people to be fully aware about what they post online.

In the midst of controversy, the co-owner of Coffee Tavern decided to postpone this week's grand opening, as the company deals with the backlash from his Facebook posts.

It started Friday when screenshots of Larry Heafner's Facebook comments were posted and shared. The inflammatory remarks targeted African Americans and Hillary Clinton.

MSUB Communications Professor, Melissa Boehm says even if business owners are on their personal pages, nothing is completely private.

"You should always be aware that other people can see, what you're saying and they can read it and it's important to keep those comments above board because they could always be reported to somebody else and that's something that could really damage a reputation," Boehm said.

Since then, Heafner has deleted the comments. We've tried to reach out to him, and so far, we have not received a response. 

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