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Trump's win impacts stock market

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Overnight, stocks dropped hundreds of points. But it didn't take long for last night's Wall Street panic to disappear. In fact, this afternoon, Wall Street was 20 points away from an all-time high.

Leading up to the election, markets had been on edge about a potential Trump administration. Last night, when Hillary Clinton was down in electoral votes, stocks followed her lead, taking a nosedive. 

So exactly how does a president set the mood on Wall Street?

"Whether you're a democrat or republican, an independent, I think what the market is telling us is the election is over. We now know who will be making policy and they're ready to move forward," Todd Buchanan with Buchanan Capital said.

When the FBI reopened the investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails, the stock market dropped nine straight days, until it was announced the investigation was over. 

But last night, the DOW tanked 800 points, before making a dramatic comeback. 

Buchanan says, as of this afternoon, there was a huge shift in market reaction.

Wall Street almost hit all-time highs. 

"We can anticipate to some extent, what policy objectives will be piloted through this administration through some commitments made in the campaign and there are winners that stand to potentially have more profits for shareholders. Therefore, the markets rewarding those today," he said.   

Buchanan says Corporate America  sees a potential for positive business growth under the upcoming Trump Administration.

Buchanan says the stronger sectors are currently businesses in regulated industries and natural resources, which are U.S. based companies. He says what's not doing so well are global consumer companies.

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