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Campaign Ads: Are they effective?

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KULR-8 is your Hometown Election Headquarters -- and election day is getting closer, we are just two days away. Politicians are still trying to sway those last minute, indecisive voters.

Throughout this past year you've seen multiple political ads on t.v., social media and billboards to try to get your vote.

Come Tuesday, all those presidential campaign ads will be gone. Well, for a few years at least. Usually when they pop up on t.v. they're attacking their opponent.

Politicians spend millions of dollars to air the the competition's dirty laundry. KULR-8 talked to potential voters at MSUB to find out if spending all this money on ads really sways people's votes.

"I don't vote to vote against Democrat or Republican, so I just vote for what's best. So actually I haven't even placed a vote yet, but I haven't even determined who I'm going to vote for, but it won't be to vote against my purpose to vote to change," Anthony Proctor said.

 "It didn't really sway me cause personally when I look at it, I try to see the past actions that people have done," Emmet Nickle said.

"It depends on their thinking, their way to change, not about how they spend their money on ads or something," Raneem Hamza said.

"You shouldn't base your opinion off an ad you should base it on what you feel the person, like your candidate, is going to do for you," Victoria Gifford said. 

"I think the ads are mainly there just to sway the undecided voters, but this is such a decisive election. I don't think there is a whole lot of indecisive voters at this point," Alexander Clark said.

According to a recent CNN Orc poll, Hillary Clinton has spent millions for campaign ads. Donald Trump hasn't spent nearly as much, yet CNN says the race is extremely close.

Locally, an analysis shows Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Greg Gianforte aired more campaign ads than any other state candidate in the nation.

KULR-8 sat down with a marketing specialist to get some answers to see if all this money politicians shell out for ads is really worth it. Kinetic Agency Owner Dana Pulis says at the start of election season, putting money into ads for name recognition is important.

After awhile, she says people start to tune them out.

 "Then there's another trend that shows that as we get closer to election season and having quite a few ads to the election date, having quite a few ads showing on t.v., at that point it's effective again because people are in that place of making up their mind if they haven't already," Pulis said.

Pulis says as times changed, social media and info from person to person are a big component how people choose to vote. Making ads feel like they need to compete.

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