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Rapper, Lil Jon hits stage at Purgatory 2

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Gools and goblins were out having a good time to celebrate the Halloween weekend.

Last night I went to MetraPark where the 2nd Annual Purgatory was at. This event is for party ravers, it's the biggest EDM Halloween event in the state. This year on the DJ set was rapper, Lil Jon, who I got a chance to speak with.

Event goers got their masks, zombie makeup and put their dancing shoes on for this Halloween party. They were cuttin' a rug out on the dance floor while listening to EDM, Trap and House music.

Rocking the ones and twos was the 'King of Crunk' himself,  Lil Jon. The last time Lil Jon was in Montana was over 10-years ago for 50 Cent's Anger Management Tour.

"Halloween is always a lot of fun and you know it's cool to be back in Montana you know I'm just here to help people have a good time on this Halloween weekend," Lil Jon said.

Outside of Saturday night's DJ set with Lil Jon, he's exploring all genres.

"I consider my style party music all the songs I do are pretty much songs that keep the party going, get the party started, or you listen to when you're in the party mode," he said.

The 'King of Crunk' is getting his feet wet in the EDM and pop scene now.

"Really cool club music, that's what it is," Lil Jon said.

His new song "Take It Off," shows it by having Becky G and Yandel featuring on the track.

 "I feel like I can get on any kind of track someone brings to me," he said.

Music lovers maybe overcome with nostalgia as some a dynamic trio comes together to 'do it again.' "Yeah" and "Lovers and Friends" were chart topping in the early 2000's, but Usher, Jon and Ludacris will be collabing yet again.

 "10 years later, 12 years later you know we get back together we're doing a lot of touring. We're just doing a lot of shows and you know, just being around each other again. It's a good energy," Lil Jon said.

As a vet in the rap game, Lil Jon recently paired up with the young cats, Rae Sremmurd in their song "Set The Roof."

"It's always good to work with the younger cats because the younger cats can also keep you relevant as well," he said.

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