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Days Inn owner talks about officer involved shooting

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It's been a tough week for employees at the Days Inn, in Billings. On Thursday morning, one employee was forced to call for help when a guest with a gun entered the hotel lobby.

That event sparked a stand off with police, ending with one officer having to fire his service weapon killing the guest. The hotel owner gave a press conference to give the hotel's perspective of the incident.

When looking death in the eyes, starring at a barrel of a gun, many I'm sure wouldn't know how to handle that situation if it were to happen. For the two employees working when a guest threatened their lives Thursday morning, the owner and police say quick thinking saved their lives -- and many others. 

"We called at 4 a.m. and within two minutes we had the Billings Police Department here in force. It was absolutely amazing," Days Inn Owner Larry Lambert said.

The Days Inn Hotel in Billings Owner, Larry Lambert says Thursday morning two employees were working when a man threatened them with a gun. One of the workers was able to get out and call 9-1-1.

Without quick responses on both ends, workers and officers, the situation could've been worse.

"We train to take care of people, we trained to deal with customers and to work with customers and to make them happy. That's what we do. We don't train for tragedy like this, I don't know how you can," he said.

Lambert says thoughts, prayers, condolences and their heartfelt sympathy go out to the family of the Wyoming man who was shot by officers.

But he assures the community this could have happened at any hotel.
"Days Inn in Billings Montana is a fun, safe place to be," he added.

Lambert says he's now asking employees to share any ideas they have as to what they could do differently. Also to pick out any lessons they can take out of this for future properties.

Lambert says they are offering counseling services for employees. Out of the two employees from Thursday morning, one is back at work, the other has taken some time off.

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