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Living on Clinton and Trump Streets

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If you're tired of all of the election ads, all the rhetoric going back and forth between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, just imagine what it's like to live it day-in and day-out.

There are people all over the map who live in towns and and on streets named Clinton and Trump.

What’s it like to live in these places, people always asking you, with a nudge and a wink, "Hey, you live on Trump drive, who ya voting for?!"

"You’re voting for Trump, but you live on Clinton Street?"

Talk about annoying,

So what did we do, we found people who live in these places and asked them those very questions.

There are dozens of places across the country named "Clinton".

They are mostly named after Dewitt Clinton, a 19th century governor of New York who is responsible for the Erie Canal.

And Trump drive in Kalispell was in fact named after Donald Trump, along with other empire-building streets like Rockefeller and Carnegie.

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