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Halloween impact on black cat adoptions

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KULR-8's Melinda Lee with Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter cat, Zoey KULR-8's Melinda Lee with Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter cat, Zoey

During the Halloween holiday season, some animal shelters are extra protective of black cats out of fear that these animals may be used as holiday props or for fright night rituals. 

Help For Homeless Pets Director Angie Cook said she places restrictions on the adoption of black cats every Halloween to make sure animals are not being purchased for harm. 

"They use them for mostly satanic stuff," Cook said of her concerns, "we haven't had much that i've heard of here in Billings, but it's been as close as Wyoming and Colorado."

The Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter Director, Chris Anderson, not only allows black cat adoption during Halloween, she encourages it. 

"People think: don't adopt black cats at Halloween because they are gonna somehow be offered up to the gods, or they're gonna be butchered or something like that," Anderson said, "truly that's old school."

Anderson said said YVAS follows the shame adoption process, regardless of the time of year. 

"Every single day it's exactly the same process," Anderson said, "we go ahead and have them meet our cats, and if the cat likes them and they like the kitten or the cat, everybody gets to go home."

The YVAS Director said the shelter is confident it it's ability to screen adoptions and always make sure the person and pet are a good fit. 

Both Anderson and Cook agreed that keeping black cats safe during the holiday means making sure the animals are put into a room when trick-or-treaters come to the door, so as not to frighten the cats with all of the noise and excitement. 

Anderson also warns to keep cats away from candy, as chocolate and other sweets are toxic to animals. 

At this time, dozens of black cats are available for adoption in the Billings area, and, when it comes to adopting these animals, there's no trick to this treat.

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