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Aspen View delivers purple hats for babies

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It is estimated approximately 306 babies die unnecessarily each year in the United States due to Shaken Baby Syndrome. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, as many as 1,000-3,000 babies suffer severe irreversible brain injury.

This is the second year the ladies over at Aspen View Holiday Retirement have been raising awareness for Shaken Baby Syndrome in our local hospitals. The ladies from Aspen View knitted over 800 purple hats to split between St.Vincent Healthcare and Billings Clinic. Florence Massey, a resident of Aspen View, said they have been busy knitting and crocheting purple hats all year to help educate the new mothers and fathers on the dangers of shaking your baby. She said if your baby is crying you can put a purple hat on them as a helpful reminder to be calm and patient with them.

Why purple? Purple is an acronym describing the time in an infant's life when he or she cries in a certain pattern, also known as the period of purple crying.

Peak of Crying: Crying increases and peaks around 2 months of age.
Unexpected: Crying comes and goes for no reason.
Resists Soothing: Crying continues no matter what you do.
Pain-like Face: Crying baby may look like they are in pain, but may not be.
Long Lasting: Crying can last as much as 5 hours per day, or more.
Evening: Crying happens more in the evening.

Jennifer Villavicencio Gonzalez, a RN at St. V’s, said “The purple is the Period of PURPLE Crying, and it talks about Shaken Baby Syndrome and ways to help prevent it, and I feel like that purple is a visual cue for the parents to remember ‘Oh my nurse talked about this and told me the risks for Shaken Baby Syndrome.’”

“We want these babies to be healthy, and happy, and have good lives, and so if we can just prevent some of this we'll just keep on making hats,” said Florence Massey, a resident of Aspen View.

You can find more information on Shaken Baby Syndrome at

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