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MSUB 2016 Montana Poll results are in

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Political Science students gathered data to predict voting outcome for this year's 2016 Governor and Presidential races.

In the race for the White House, 43-percent of those who responded chose Republican candidate Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton received 27-percent. Gary Johnson received seven-percent and Jill Stein received two-percent.

The students broke down the survey even more, by gender, party, ideology and age. Of those who responded, the majority of males support Trump and more women support Clinton. Respondents between the ages of 36 to 60 support Trump, while those 61 or older support Clinton.

Turning to the Governor's race, poll participants choose incumbent, Steve Bullock. 44-percent of residents choose Bullock. 32-percent of respondents choose Gianforte.

More females support bullock: 51-percent to 37-percent. And more males support Gianforte: 38-percent to 26-percent. Results show younger people support Bullock over Gianforte.

I spoke with several students this afternoon. Something interesting I learned or should I say was reminded of, whoever is elected as President will put forward the next three Supreme Court Justices.

The students I spoke with say there's a lot at stake this Presidential Race. Student Cody McCracken says this will probably be the most important race in his life.

The students say taking part is such a historic event is worth it.

"Montana doesn't get a lot of media attention in these national polls so I think giving a voice to Montana is very important," he said.

"You don't know who's going to respond and who is going to pick up and just it's really difficult doing a poll and I don't know how everybody does it and how representative they really are," student Connor Graves said.

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