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Great Falls' Thomspons are a True Griz Family

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The outside of Ken and Terry Thompson's home is a clear giveaway of which college team they support. From the flag, this banner in their yard and even the newspaper container near the front door, it looks like Thompsons are in favor of the Montana Grizzlies.

"We're just such loyal fans," said Terry Thompson.

So loyal, they've both supported the Griz for quite some time.

"I've been a Griz fan for about 35 years," said Terry Thompson.

"I've probably become a Griz fan in the mid 80s. Purchased season tickets 20-25 years ago and been going ever since," said Ken Thompson.
Their support for Montana is even displayed through their cars. 

"We only purchase either white or maroon and that's the really way it is. We have our Griz license plates," said Terry Thompson.

And even the little air caps on their tires are decorated with a Griz paw print. But that's not all.

"We have our special Griz bench in the back yard too. It's a wooden bench that I had made when Ken retired," said Terry Thompson.

It has their last name carved in it too.

"Pretty exciting to have it. A lot of people comment on it when they go in the backyard," said Ken Thompson.

"A special gift for him to again commemorate our love for the Griz and being fans. None our friends have that bench and so when we're competing we feel pretty special that we have it to ourselves," said Terry Thompson.

That's just the outside. When you enter the Thompson's home and walk downstairs into their basement, it is here you find the Montana Grizzlies sanctuary.

"We decided that when we moved into the house we thought it would could make an official Griz room," said Terry Thompson.

"I'll let her answer for the décor of the house," said Ken Thompson.

"We had enough Griz stuff that I figured we just decorate the bathroom and make it Griz as well. One of my favorite things is my reserved parking sign over the potty," said Terry Thompson.

"This photograph and there's one of the other wall. Both of the national championship Grizzlies. I've gone to two of the national championship games," said Ken Thompson.

"We had a picture with Coach Stitt and had him sign the helmet. As you can see the other helmets over there. I like the Griz helmets," said Ken Thompson.

There's even this cool wall decal that reads, we interrupt this marriage to bring you Griz football season.

"The truth of the matter is that it doesn't really interrupt our marriage. This is one thing that we do together," said Terry Thompson.

"We even had our reception be a tailgate party we had a banner made our chef made us an ice sculpture that said Griz and it was in the shape of a football," said Terry Thompson.

So the Thompsons have proven they are die hard Griz fans.