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Does local law enforcement appreciate citizen help?

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Four witnesses were able to detain a suspected car thief after he crashed into a pole on the corner of Hesper and Shiloh road Saturday.

Cree Stump allegedly stole the car from a residence on Alderson.

The witnesses reported seeing stump blow a tire after hitting a curb on laurel road, and continue driving 75 miles an hour down I-90.

Once stump crashed into the pole, the four men held him down until law enforcement arrived.

Billings police chief Rich St. John said having an active community and help from citizens is what can make the difference between making an arrest, or letting a suspect go.

"We are very pleased that that took place however, we want to make sure that nobody interjects themselves into a situation where they can get hurt," St. John said.

St. John said if the situation is dangerous, or you don't feel safe intervening, the best way you can help is to take down as much information as you can and call law enforcement. 

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