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Dwarfism Awareness Month: Mother shares story about daughter's diagnosis

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October is a month of various awarenesses: Breast Cancer, bully prevention and even dwarfism.

A mother who's 14-month-old daughter was diagnosed with Achondroplasia, a form of dwarfism, wants to improve perceptions of Little People.

"At about 10 days old, I got a call that, yeah she has a mutation and she has Achondroplasia, so she'll be a little person. She'll probably mature at about 4-feet," Heather Plath said.

Heather Plath says her 14-month-old daughter, Olivia, was an in vitro fertilization baby. Where the woman's egg is surgically removed and fertilized with sperm and put back in the woman.

Plath says her pregnancy was fine at first.

"It was pretty good like the first 30 weeks, then our ultrasound, they said well her long bones are measuring kind of short," she said.

When Olivia was born, doctors weren't sure if she had a form of dwarfism.

"All the fingers are about the same length and there's kind of little gaps and they call it 'trident hand' or 'starfish hand' and so they said, well we think that she does and nobody could really decide. So she had full-body x-rays when she was two days," Plath said.

Plath says it's not that there's anything wrong with Olivia. She loves playing with her brother and animals, like any other kid.

"She goes to daycare in Shepherd, she will go to school with those kids in Shepherd. My hope is that they will just
know her as Olivia  and not have any of those preconceived kind of things," she said.

Plath just wants to educate the community about Little People.

"I want people to come ask us. We don't want people to just stare and wonder, you know, especially little kids, they see people with a difference and they wonder and a lot of times parents are just like don't stare and I want people to come ask us," Plath said.

Plath says Olivia being an IVF baby isn't related to dwarfism. She says doctors know the gene that carries it, but aren't sure the cause except it might be linked from the dad's sperm if he's over 35-years old.

National Dwarfism Awareness Day is October 25th. To show support you can wear Kelly green.

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