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Students lend helping hands to multiple community services

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BRIDGER, Mont. -

From food banks to making cards for veterans, students at Bridger High School help their community in different ways this morning.

"Today is Scout Service Day 2.0. So last year we did the same kind of things and it's a day where everyone in our school and in our community gathers together to raise money or food bank stuff and donate food, all kinds of different stuff. We sponsor our projects, we make letters, all kinds of stuff like that to just gather around and everyone be in charge of community service kind of deal," student, Amberlee Olson said.

Pre-school through 4th graders helped the high schoolers. Bridger High School student, Amberlee Olson, says every student is lending a hand.

"It's kind of like you just want to be able to help so you kind of just put your little effort in and then that little effort gets to be this big, huge, amazing feeling and then you don't want to stop because you're helping so many people," she said.

Homemade cards to veterans as appreciation, food banks, and backpacks filled with items to help kids escaping dangerous situations were just some of the many community service stations Bridger students organized.

Students who were part of the Montana FFA put on a petting zoo for the grade schoolers.

"I just think that this is a great way to get younger kids involved because they get excited about not only being able to be around animals, but also being around older kids that inspire them to get involved into something and they can really pour their heart and soul into something that's really important not just in our community but the world," Bridger student and Vice President of FFA Fallon Pelican said.

Students say they've been working on scout service day two point oh for months. Even up until last night they, they were putting baskets together for the silent auction.

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