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Good Samaritan gives free rides to help prevent drunk driving

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Uber recently launched in Billings this summer. But, another ride-sharing service is taking the city by storm. It's one man, his personal car and it's free.

Taking an Uber or cab is one thing, those services charge to pick you up and take you somewhere. One Billings man is driving around picking people up for free. But he's doing it for a specific reason.

You see online people have been giving out free hugs, so why not free rides?

Meet Justin Huckaby, a stay at home dad and now a viral sensation.

"I woke up one morning and told my wife I have a great idea, what do you think about a free shuttle? She said you're nuts," Huckaby said.

Every night, with his personal car and big heart he helps his community.

"We have way too many DUI's, we have too many people sleeping in their vehicles in the winter time because they don't have money for a cab, or they don't have money for Uber or what not. Nobody should have to stay downtown and sleep in their vehicle. I'm just doing a community service," he said.

These rides are completely free. Tips he makes go towards strong arm, an alcohol memorial foundation him and his wife started.

"Cabs take a hour. There's no reason someone should have to sit a hour drunk downtown, waiting on a cab. When Uber came here, it was a blessing an absolute blessing for Uber. I just feel that you know there's still people out there that can't afford Uber, that cant afford a cab and that's what I'm here for," Huckaby said.

Huckaby is taking extra safety precautions besides the regular car insurance.

"I'm just a private citizen doing a community service. I do have my insurance. What I have and I have a video camera on my dashboard that videotapes every single person I actually pick up," he said.

For anyone who's been effected by drunk driving, his family is also offering a free grieve counselor. Huckaby, a stay at home dad just trying to make sure you make it home to your family too.

"Thursday, Friday and Saturday my car doesn't stop all night long."

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