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Eyewitness account of Hoboken train crash

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One woman is dead and 100 others are injured after a commuter train sped into the Hoboken train station in new jersey without stopping and crashed through a wall.

State and federal transportation investigators are trying to figure out what caused the crash, as many commuters are still shaken up by the scene they witnessed.

The train crashed just before 9am at one of the busiest stations in the New York city area. Thousands of commuters use this station to travel to and from work every morning.

Alyson Hudson was one of the commuters who saw the aftermath of the crash.

"It was surreal," Hudson said. "You could see the pillars of cement that were the structural beams that were holding the station ceilings up were taken down and the ceiling had just fallen and a lot of the injuries seemed to be around people that were on the ground and caught under the cement or under the ceiling particles."

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