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Tumbleweed helping youth across Montana

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On Tuesday Counselors at Tumbleweed said there are a lot of youth out there who feel disconnected from their homes and schools and not supported at all.

Tumbleweed offers different services to help youth live a productive and meaningful life. Counselors said it's a place for youth to come and laugh, socialize, play games and use other services offered to move their life into the right direction.

Among those services is a Runaway Homeless Youth Program aimed at getting youth off the streets while offering individual counseling and family counseling, they even have a Human Trafficking Program.

Mary Hernandez, the Interim Director at Tumbleweed, said since we live in a rural state, many communities have limited resources for youth and families, and that's a challenge.

Hernandez said services exist for youth in other cities like Missoula, Great falls and Bozeman. But she said youth from across the state come to Billings to use the services at Tumbleweed.

Hernandez said they also work with law enforcement to help youth and if a teen is under 18 years of age they take extra steps get them the help they need.

Tumbleweed helps those who are 10 to 24 years of age and also features a Drop-In Center. Hernandez said it's the only Drop-In Center in the state.

Tony Knight, the coordinator of the Drop-In Center, said it provides food, clothing, hygiene items, showers and a place to sleep at night.

The Drop-In Center is open most days and nights for youth from 5 p.m. to 8 a.m. Knight said the Drop-In Center is for all youth in Montana. 

Knight tell us their goal is to make youth feel supported and loved.

Counselors at Tumbleweed said, if there's a service that a particular youth needs that they don't offer, the center works with other organizations locally and regionally to get those needs met.

The staff at Tumbleweed also said that mental health is a challenge for some of the youth that come through their center and they're always looking for the right ways to help them.

Counselors also want to let the public know, if you have time to spare, you're encouraged to spend an hour or two at Tumbleweed. They said it really means the world to youth who just want to feel loved and supported.

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