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Super 8 Plays of the Week 9/26

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This week's Super 8 Top Plays:

8. Rocky's Andraya Hawks kill versus Montana Tech.

7. Billings West's Bryson Demming touchdown throw to Braydon Demming for 78 yards against Big Sky.

6. Red Lodge's Elisha Ackerman sack and forced fumble of Eddie Foos versus Columbus that led to a touchdown.

5. Huntley Project's Lane Sumner game winning touchdown versus Forsyth.

4. Billings Central and Laurel girls soccer, Locos' Jessica Elmer 25 yard goal, Rams' Maggie Lyle save at point blank range, and Josh Bundy 45 yard free kick goal.

3. Senior's Nathan Dick finds Jake Orvis for a long touchdown versus Capital.

2. Griz's Jerry Louis McGee's 21 catches versus Cal Poly set a Griz record, along with Brady Gustafson's 47 completions.

1. West's Bryson Demming scrambling, flips the ball to Kylan Ontiveros before going down for a touchdown.