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Man facing federal charges after allegedly promoting human trafficking

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Terrance Tyrell Edwards Terrance Tyrell Edwards

UPDATE: Federal charges are now pending against Terrance Edwards. At this hour we're awaiting the court documents. Keep checking back to this website for the very latest information.


Billings Police haven't been able to say much because the case is now in the hands of the Division of Criminal Investigation. 

The Montana Attorney General's Office says Terrance Tyrell Edwards is being held at the Yellowstone County Detention Facility without bond. He's facing charges of promoting prostitution.

According to the press release from the Lake County Sheriff's Office, a 22-year-old woman met 34-year-old Edwards over the internet about a "well-paying job."

The statement says she was held against her will, but a spokesperson for the Attorney General, John Barnes, says she was not abducted.

He says they are looking at her case as an instance of human trafficking, which involves holding a person under threat or duress. 

Edwards and the woman met up in Missoula and she has been gone for the past 11 days.  The statement says they were able to find and arrest Edwards at a Billings motel after the woman called her mom from a cellphone.

Barnes could not comment on the woman's condition. We are told, Edwards is expected to appear in justice court Thursday afternoon to hear the charges against him.

Human trafficking is a crime that many people believe only happens in big cities, but the truth is this is a crime that does not discriminate, it happens in all communities big and small.

Billings YWCA Director of Programs, Erin Lambert says she believes prostitution is on the rise. She refers to human trafficking as a serious problem and there needs to be resources available. 

YWCA gives victims shelter and relocation assistance.

"Because they're likely not the only victim and it's also not likely that the person who is trafficking or you know in lay terms, the pimp, he's not going to stop. If this person escapes and he's going to find a new person he can bring into his business," Lambert said.

A 22-year-old Polson woman was rescued by the Billings Police Department Tuesday after being held captive for more than a week. 

According to the Lake County Sheriff Don Bell, the woman met 34-year-old Terrance Tyrell Edwards over the internet and had been offered a well-paying job. She was lured to the Missoula area where Edwards abducted her and held the woman against her will.

According to the press release, the victim made a call from a burner phone to a relative. The relative had gone to the Lake County Sheriff's Office to do a follow-up of a prior call, wanting a welfare check on the missing woman because the woman had turned off her phone and was not acting like herself.   

The mother of the missing woman received a call while at the sheriff's office and was able to get information on the victim's location. The Lake County Sheriff's Office, working with the Billing Police Department were able to rescue the woman, who was held captive for eleven days.   

Billings police arrested Edwards Tuesday at 3 p.m. Edwards is being held without bond in the Yellowstone County Jail. In 2012, Edwards was sentenced to prison for promoting prostitution in Missoula County

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