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Tiny, Billings homes appearing on national television

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Picture this: Living in a teeny-tiny home that collapses and moves with the click of a button. Some families live in those rad pads around Billings.

We put KULR-8's Tanya Modersitzki in a tiny home. She has more on how some of those houses are getting national attention.

"Monday, we're going to be featured on HGTV's, Tiny House Hunters and it airs at 9 p.m. We're real excited because we get to show a little bit of the Billings community and our unique homes," Eco-Built Homes Distributor Ben Hahn said.

These homes are much smaller than what most are used to. Hahn says their places are a perfect fit for the show.

The rad pads are compact, Eco-friendly and portable.

"We can be in downtown Billings, we can be out in the country, anywhere where there's a manufactured home, we can be there," he said.

He says the homes run on 50 AMPS, no propane and are all electrical. This Montana home appearing on the show, is 307 square feet.

Moving into a new home always seems to be a pain. You've got to pack boxes, you know get movers to move them, but moving into one of these homes is easy as plugging in and going to play.

"My wife and I are young professionals and we got tired of paying rent and we wanted to look at other options. Affording a $250,000 home just wasn't realistic for us at that time and so we looked at other options," Hahn said.

For $40,000, you can have a tiny pad and full-size appliances found in any normal home. And a house you can have for life.

"When I think about obstacles, really obstacles hasn't been a word in my dictionary. Every thing has been a lot easier since I moved to a tiny home. If we want to move, like we just did from Red Lodge, we just pick up and go," he said.

 Hahn says the homes can sustain 90-mile per hour winds, -140-degrees and up to 130-degrees.

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